Staffing Approach

Cendien is a unique firm with a different approach to staffing projects. When putting together a team for a project or filling project needs, we take into account every factor: the expertise and skillsets, the goals and objectives, the location, the consultants’ backgrounds, and—most importantly—the client’s environment. This approach is the only way to effectively deliver the best consultants.

Most Talented

Every firm can boast databases that are filled with the names of professional consultants, but at Cendien, the names and skills are only the starting point. For us, it’s about the relationships we’ve already established and continue to develop with our consultants. We’re in constant contact with them, updating their history, certifications, and the engagements they’re working on now and have booked in the future. Staying in touch with them means that your project is staffed by not just the most talented but the most appropriate consultants. Our teams are as local as possible, which minimizes travel costs and maintains the most positive atmosphere at your company. Trust us – you’ll know the difference as a repeat client.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Delivering the Best

Cendien was founded by senior-level consultants who have risen to the top of their profession, so we understand what other top notch consultants are looking for. We work harder to find them and staff them on your projects so that you’re always working with the best, most-experienced, and in-demand professionals in the industry.

Most Experience

Our consulting approach and research shows that the most experienced, senior-level consultants are often more passive when looking for projects. They tend to wait for projects to find them or for others to recommend them. Cendien was founded by these senior-level professionals and we know that it takes work to find the best, most experienced, and in-demand consultants.

Unique Consultants

We make more calls, send more e-mails, and stay in close contact with our consultants so that we can develop a real relationship with them and ensure that your project is staffed by the best. When you work with Cendien, you know that we are putting in the extra effort on your behalf and that this approach means success for your business.