I have to say that I have completely loved my consulting project with Cendien. It’s great to be able to work with professionals who get my needs and goals for a change. Cendien and their staff is totally professional and committed to their consultants and clients. I am happy to continue working with them on other projects.

—Angela, Project Manager, Houston

Cendien Consulting

Cendien Consulting

Thanks so much, Cendien! I was able to work with Cendien on two projects in my home state of Wisconsin when I thought I would have to travel. It was a really good time for me not to have to leave home, and Cendien was there for me. One was a project with a healthcare client and the other a public sector, giving me lots of great experience.

—Cory, Senior Lawson Consultant, Milwaukee

I would recommend Cendien anytime to anyone. I worked on an SAP project for a manufacturing company outside of Denver, and wow, Cendien’s team was super-professional and efficient. They took care of me and treated all their consultants really well. It was such a good experience!! They focused on our SAP abilities and talents, but also our long term goals too. I’m really hoping that I can continue to work with Cendien in the future.

—Allen, SAP Specialist, Boulder

I’ve worked on four Cendien projects now. Two of them were close to home, but I don’t mind traveling, and I certainly enjoyed working with Cendien! As a system architect, I’m fortunate to be able to be a little selective, but with Cendien, I know I’m always going to get quality projects. I appreciate what they do for their people, and I’m glad to be on their list!

—Jakob, System Architect, Atlanta

Cendien is so easy to work with. My favorite thing is they try to put you close to home, but even if you travel, it’s always a great project with a good team. I appreciate Israel and all the senior management for always treating me like a professional. I’ve worked with other consulting firms, and trust me, it’s not always like that! Thanks, guys!

—Ashley, Workday and Kronos Specialist, San Diego