Infor Dashboards and Infor System Monitoring

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you face a number of challenges managing your Infor applications. Not only are you trying to manage increasingly unpredictable and escalating IT costs but also trying to manage the increased risk of workforce cost. With Cendien’s Managed Services, we provide dashboards and monitoring tools to mitigate outages or potential outages. These dashboards and processes enable us to help you addressed potential issues at the earliest possible time.

Infor System Monitoring

Our objective is to help ensure your Infor systems are always up and always available. And Cendien’s tools and dashboards, notify you whenever there is a potential issue. This automation helps you significantly improve your operational productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of automation. And the best thing, is that we do it all thru Infor Process Automation (IPA) tools already supported by Infor.

Infor System Monitoring

Grow and Scale Quickly

Cendien Managed Services delivers superior service and enables you to scale quickly, manage more efficiently, and grow your business without limits. We take over the troubleshooting and maintenance so you and your team can focus on higher level projects. All at a fraction of the cost needed to employ and manage in-house staff.

Certified Infor Consultants

Our certified consultants are fully trained to handle the majority of Level 1 and 2 support requests and are regularly trained and monitored for quality in order to keep performance and efficiency optimal. They are led by experienced managers and team leads that help guarantee the most optimal service and consistency.